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Cease, Cows, life is short.


i find the journals of teenage girls hilarious:

OMG!!! kristina and stefe are friendz again!<333 who0p who0p i am so0 happy for them!!<3 ...okay herez the proz and cons of thier friendship

ProZ- They will be so0 happy and we will have fuN!<33

conZ-Afraid that they will like NOT include me in like wha they do0 and like they get so0 many "great timez" and everytime wun of them signz on there like wherez kristina wherez stefanie? and like okay what about the where jade?

i DONT want to make a big scene out of this but i mean its just like wheneer try to talk to them about it they just sey i LOve you jaDe<3 and i mean dont get me wrong i LOOOVVVEEEE boTH of them to0 death but i mean i dunno its all screwed up!<33

but kristina im not MAD im not JEALOUS and im not ANGRY im just ?? i know this soundz stupid but hey yanno im known fer taht bahahah -spongebob laf- i/j but anywayz i gotta bounce lovve youu lotss

love you stefe and kriss<33
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