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ever found something that is funny or just so true to life while looking through Live Journals? Well I have...many times. Here is a place to share those weird entries barried within the bowels of live journal.

how do I find posts to post
a good way to find random journals that you would have never seen otherwise, is to go up to the top click search and then click random. Live journal will continue to show you random journals forever, there are over 2 million!

another good way is doing a simple intrest search.

communities are also a very good place to find really weird people saying really weird things.

how do I put something I've found in the community
once you find a good post highlight the text and push ctrl+c then open a new update pad in a new window, and click in the pad. Push ctrl+v and your text will paste. Then make sure you get the name of the place you got it from and create eithera member or community link,(see rule 3 for more on that). Once you have your entry the way you like it, click the more options button. change the journal you are posting from your lj name, to only_on_lj in the drop down menu. set your emotion and music if you want, and post.

1. all post don't have to come from lj, any blogg will be fine
2. don't post something just because it has a cool picture in it, there are plenty of picture communities. This community is for what people write. The one exception will be if the picture is an intricate part of the post, and it wouldn't be as good with out it.
3. use your own discretion when telling where the post came from. In my opinion community posts were already posted were anywhere from 30 to 1000 people could see them, so always try to post community lnks, but personal journals do not necessarily need links. However, do always give a breif description of where you found the post.
4. membership is open to anyone who wants to join. I have no intention of forcing these rules on others, members are exspected to respectful of them and not be jerks. If you don't like what is going on in this community, you can quite anytime and I promise it will hurt no ones feelings.